My Favorite Video Tools

Table of Contents


Canva: Great for creating YouTube and other video thumbnails. They have a paid version, but you can do everything you need with the free version.

Zubtitle: A tool to add captions to your videos. This tool automatically “listens” to the video and ads captions. It also crops the video to a square format. Really good for social media videos. They have a free and paid version.

Premier Rush: A powerful mobile and desktop editing tool that works on all platforms. It is $9.99 a month that includes free music and graphics.

iMove: Another great editing tool that is almost as powerful as Premier Rush. It is free, but only works on Apple products.

Inshot: A free editing tool that works on Android. It is good, but not quite as easy as the others, but I haven’t found a better free tool for Android yet (let me know if you find something!)

Davinci Resolve: A professional-grade editing tool that only works on computers (not mobile). It has a steep learning curve, but you can grow with the tool. It is commonly used in Hollywood, but it is free to use!


A smartphone: You can create excellent videos with just your phone. You don’t need to buy anything listed here. The tools below will just help save time and can be purchased after your video marketing program is growing your business.

Rode Wireless Go: A wireless microphone that you can clip under your shirt. This tool helps you get better audio quality if your phone or camera is going to be further away from you.

GorillaPod: An affordable, high-quality tripod that attaches to almost anything.