Bootstrap’s Favorite Free Marketing Tools

Each and every one of these tools are things we have used and loved, otherwise we wouldn't be recommending them to you. We will continue to update this post to keep you in the loop as to the best things out there. We understand and appreciate those who are running their business on a shoestring and our goal is to help in whatever way possible.

Table of Contents

Mailchimp logo 000


MailChimp has been our favorite free marketing tool for years, both with Bootstrap and previous companies. We love the value they provide even just with their free option. They provide reliable deliverability and awesome simple automation. For a small business owner, you’ll get great service with dozens of templates for creating special newsletters that align with your brand.

Canva logo 000


This online design software is an easy-to-use, drag and drop program with tons of free templates to pick from and personalize so it perfectly matches your brand. You can use it to create a banner for your social media account, design a weekly newsletter, create compelling lead magnets, or anything else you need to effectively promote your small business.

Trello logo 000


Trello is a customizable workflow organizer that any small business can immediately begin to organize for CRM processes, new hire onboarding tasks, project management, or office to-dos. Regardless of what you need, this kanban-style board can be relabeled to match your goals and can be shared with your entire team so everyone can stay updated on daily progress made.

Anchor fm logo 000

Anchor has everything you need to create, distribute, and monetize your podcast… and, yes, it’s still free. It has the uploading, recording and editing tools you need already built-in so you can publish all your episodes and have them distributed to all the major listening apps. You can even track your analytics to better cater your content to match the needs of your audience.