The Path to Marketing Expertise

The Path to Marketing Expertise


Schedule a Free One-on-One Consultation

In our free one-on-one training sessions, we give you simple action items to jumpstart your marketing system. We cover:

  • The pathway to building a trusted local brand
  • A checklist for launching and optimizing a Google presence that outranks your competition
  • The 3 most important pages to add to your website, and what to include on them
  • A blueprint for a funnel that will convert strangers to customers on autopilot


Get Your Custom-Tailored Marketing Strategy

In this phase, we will discuss your marketing goals and business strategy and deliver a custom-tailored PDF guide that is unique to your business. It includes:

  • Your unique advantages based on an owner-strengths assessment
  • Your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses
  • The keywords that your potential customers are using to look for your services
  • A 12-month action plan of activities, including a full content calendar
  • Monthly goals and milestones


Monthly Coaching Program & Bootstrap Membership

As a member, you will get a video check-in every month where we will:

  • Deliver copy-and-paste marketing emails, templates, and materials
  • Reveal new ways to establish a local brand, rank on Google, and maintain a growing list of qualified leads
  • Review strategic goals & progress
  • Adjust the marketing plan based on what is working best
  • Get help with any obstacles you are facing
  • Stay ahead of marketing trends
  • Answer your marketing questions 

The Local Marketing Audit

How to get the audit:

  1. Click here to donate $35 to Lancaster-Lebanon SCORE
  2. Email your receipt to
  3. Get your audit

You Will Discover

A detailed custom assessment of your online presence

What elements on your website are holding you back from getting more clients

Do you have the most important pages for local SEO and are they working as well as they should?

Is your Google My Business driving customers to you or away from you?

Get a competitive intelligence report showing what is working for your competitors and what they are missing.

A simple action plan broken up into specific, doable next steps









Bootstrap Local is for local business owners who want to take control of their marketing strategy.

Most business owners know that Google is the best source of leads for their business. But keeping up with constant search algorithm changes is overwhelming, and SEO agencies are expensive.

We offer a guided DIY approach to local SEO that puts the power in the hands of local businesses owners.

Start with the Local Marketing Audit

What You Will Get



Staking your claim on the digital frontier is a critical step for your business. First, you will discover which platforms drive the most growth and then develop an online presence for your brand.



After establishing your digital brand, it's time to start building. In this phase, you will map out the content and tools that will attract your ideal customer. Then start a simple process for creating your marketing content.



With your content creation process in place, we will guide you through the best methods of communicating with your audience and effectively promoting your message.



As your communication plan takes off, you will begin to notice curious visitors landing on your website and online profiles. This is the fun part! You will use a proven funnel to turn casual traffic into leads and sales.

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Why the system works

We have spent the last five years building and testing this simple framework, and these are the ingredients that I believe have made this framework perform so well:

  • It’s based on classic marketing principles that continue to stand the test of time
  • We continually update it to meet the cutting edge trends in social media and search engine optimization
  • It has been tested and refined through hundreds of marketing experiments

The Bootstrap Local Guarantee

 I have a no-questions-asked guarantee policy. If this program isn’t what you are looking for, let me know in the first 30-days and you will get a full refund.

Bootstrap local guarantee

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