What is Bootstrap Local?

We guide small business owners who are ready to take charge of their own marketing. Our mission is to arm you with the practical tools, training, and strategy you need to establish an effective marketing system in your business. If you are committed to growing your business, let us join you on your journey and make it a success story we both want to talk about.

Free Resouces

We want every small business to be successful, not just our clients. So we offer new free workshops, tools, and guides every month.

Guided Marketing

For business owners who are looking for direction in their marketing, we offer a guided DIY marketing program. Where we come alongside you to create a powerful marketing program. 

A Commitment to Our Community

We are actively involved with nonprofit organizations and community projects to help make the dream of entrepreneurship a reality for more people.

The Bootstrap Guides


adam grim

Growing up in a family of small business owners from plumbers to architects gave Adam a passion for helping other small business owners. 

During the 15+ years, Adam has worked as a marketing strategist for nationally-recognized companies and prominent local businesses. Along the way, he became dissatisfied with the level of support that small business owners typically received from traditional marketing agencies. He recognized that marketing was far too expensive when the results were so mediocre. This fueled his desire to empower local business owners in taking full control over their marketing, keep their budget low and obtain even better outcomes.

These days, Adam and his wife, Bridget, are busy chasing their five children and, when he has a spare moment, you might catch him backpacking around the trails of Pennsylvania.


Wendy Young

Since an early age, Wendy has been interested in a variety of things: investigation, writing, creativity. She couldn’t predict how all those interests could blend into the perfect role.

She has worked for the FBI as a data analyst in the fraud department, created and dissolved a few entrepreneurial ventures (from selling cosmetics to decorating cakes), taught private music lessons for 20 years in multiple states across the country, homeschooled her children while writing online content as a freelancer, and was hated and feared as a substitute teacher.

All of those experiences led her to Bootstrap Local. She met Adam in the midst of a pandemic when he hired her to assist him in his marketing role at Sparrow Websites. He left a couple months later to start Bootstrap Local and jumped at the opportunity to hire her again, this time to help him in his single-minded pursuit of helping small business owners succeed at marketing their businesses.