The Local Marketing Bootcamp

We will work together over 4 weeks to build a lean, local marketing machine for your business


  • A step-by-step marketing plan.
  • A weekly content calendar.
  • Templates that you can copy, paste, and post.
  • Tools and technology to automate your work.


  • Start with 3-5 quick wins.
  • Get a weekly action plan.
  • Learn how to apply the tactics and tools.
  • Ask questions and work through challenges. 


  • Use our custom goal-setting system to stay on task.
  • Set up a tracking system dashboard to monitor your results.

It's like hiring a personal trainer for your marketing...

We will guide you through a step-by-step program to get your next 100 clients. Over four weeks, we will plan, build, and launch your custom marketing system together. 

Why we didn’t make this a course. 88% of people who start an online course never finish it. We don’t give you directions and say, ‘Have a nice trip’. We create a custom roadmap and then get in the car with you and go. 

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The Bootstrap Local Guarantee

I have a no-questions-asked guarantee policy. If this program isn’t what you are looking for, let me know up to 7 days after registration and you will get a full refund.

Bootstrap local guarantee

The Key Steps



Staking your claim on the digital frontier is a critical step for your business. First, you will discover which platforms drive the most growth and then develop an online presence for your brand.



After establishing your digital brand, it's time to start building. In this phase, you will map out the content and tools that will attract your ideal customer. Then start a simple process for creating your marketing content.



With your content creation process in place, we will guide you through the best methods of communicating with your audience and effectively promoting your message.



As your communication plan takes off, you will begin to notice curious visitors landing on your website and online profiles. This is the fun part! You will use a proven funnel to turn casual traffic into leads and sales.

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Avoid Wasting Time and Money

20% of your work generates 80% of the results. We will help you focus on the activity that has the most decisive impact and give you bite-sized steps to follow every week.

What you would pay $1,000-$1,500 at an agency, you can do in a few hours a month.

From the First Strategy Session

You Will Discover

What elements on your website are holding you back from getting more clients

The most important pages for local SEO and how you can make them convert visitors to customers.

Make your Google Business Profile appear in more searches

How to generate a year's worth of content in 2 hours and make sure it will help you win more clients

A simple action plan broken up into specific, doable next steps

A Bit About Me

I am a marketing nerd. Over the last 20 years, I’ve served businesses ranging from Fortune 500 organizations, to single-person startups. 

After more than a decade as a strategist in the marketing agency world, my business partner and I started our own local business. After growing it for 5 years, I sold the business. The processes of building and then selling a local business was one of the best experiences of my life. 

Now, my goal is to share what worked, mistakes to avoid, and how to grow your business.

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Hundreds of people searched for your services this month

They should be your clients. If you are committed to growing your business, let’s get start and make your business a success story we both want to talk about.